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I just want you to know that I am so in love with that little dog.  Deuce is so sweet and eager to please.  I take him for a walk every day.  If I am off we go twice.  My husband and I also take him on a jog with the golf cart.  He never tires of running.  Also, he no longer darts out the door.  The first day I brought him home, he got away from me b/c he bolted out the door.  So, that was our first lesson.  He waits to be asked now to go in or out.  Also, he is house broke.  In fact, he will go to the door when he really has to go.

I think he is happy here.  I know I am very happy with him!   I think my favorite time with him is in the morning when we first wake up,  he loves to cuddle and be rubbed.

LOVE HIM!!!!!!

May 4, 2017