Founded in 2011, GRRR is a small 501(c)(3) rescue organization that serves Savannah, Georgia and the surrounding counties. We are dedicated to rescuing small dogs from owners who are no longer able to care for them, from public shelters without a “no-kill” policy, and from situations where they have suffered abuse or neglect. We are committed to helping both the most needy and the more readily adoptable animals in our community.

Dogs need to be rescued for many reasons. It could be due to lack of space at the shelter, or the owner is no longer financially or physically able to care for them. We pull small breed dogs from kill shelters in the Savannah area to give these animals a second chance. We also take owner surrenders when we have space.
vinnie in grassIt is our goal to keep each animal that comes into GRRR until it has been matched to the right adoptive home. GRRR rescues are altered, up to date on all shots, wormed, heartworm tested, on meds, and well on the road to being as healthy as possible before they are placed in adoptive homes. We assess each of our rescues to discover their personality, manners, health, and level of training to start an appropriate rehabilitation plan. This assessment and rehabilitation plan will ensure that we make the best “paw-sitive” match between our prospective adopters and our rescues.

Rescues can come from abusive environments, be abandoned, or left without a home when their family passes away. They could be strays that were born on the streets who were never shown any love or kindness from humans. Our goal is to find forever loving homes for all of them and until we find the perfect match they will remain safe in our care – never at risk again.

Lady cocoMany times we cannot find the best family match locally for our rescues so we do consider long distance adoptions. These adoptions require safe transport to relocate the rescue dog with his new adoptive family. Long-distance adopters must go through the same process as local adopters – fill out an Adoption Application, have a home visit conducted and an extensive interview with our Adoption Coordinator.

Sometimes we can arrange ground transportation with one or even several legs to ensure our rescues can find their forever homes. Sometimes we are able to arrange a ride through the wonderful organization Pilot and Paws – These pilots generously offer to fly rescues at a very reduced fee in order to help them reach their forever home.


Lynn Skinner – Executive Director

Kathryn Shelton – Assistant Director


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